Chapter 5

Gavin stared. “How? Where? Who is he?”

She explained about the smithy, about the candlelight, about his eyes. “But I’m not sure—I’m not sure how to be sure,” she admitted.

He sat down heavily at the small wooden table in the corner, bare as always. “Ayalah…” He pursed his lips. “I think that only you can know. And if you think it may be this smithy—if you think you saw the eyes—then we must act immediately. Before someone else finds him.”

She nodded. “I’ve already thought of a way.” She bit at her thumb nail. “It’s sloppy, but I can’t think of a better plan. This, at least, won’t rouse suspicion.”

“You plan to arrest him.” There was no question in Gavin’s voice; he’d known Ayalah so long, he knew exactly how she thought.

She nodded. “You think it’s a bad idea?”

He watched her biting her nails for a few moments before responding. “I think it’s unfair to him.”

She dropped her hand to her side in surprise. “What?”

“You might be better off being honest with him. Tell him the truth.”

“Are you mad?”

“Not entirely.” He grinned. “But you’re hiding something from me.”

She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. She said nothing.


“I asked for his name,” she blurted out. “And I told him mine in return.” She waited, but Gavin didn’t speak. “I was just so curious. Something about him—I don’t know.”

Gavin was nodding. “Even more reason to be honest with him. He’s the one.”

“How could you possibly—?”

“You just told me. You’re biting your nails, Ayalah. You haven’t done that since you were a child. And you asked his name! What were you thinking?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know. What will I tell him?”

He scratched at his beard. “I think I’ve got an idea.”

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  1. Naomi says:

    The tension is mounting and I want to turn the page for more. Keep it up.!!!!

  2. The story is coming together nicely! The fast pace is good, no slow weeks!, and you are dividing up the parts well.

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