Having a hard time remembering which character is which? Here’s a handy guide!
Note: characters are listed in order of appearance.

Ayalah (pronounced AH-yah-lah) Tarall – Our heroine, a Warrior of the Crown in Miltinoth.
Retnik Greyson – A blacksmith in Miltinoth.
Olikai – A Warrior of the Crown in Miltinoth; a friend of Ayalah’s from warrior training.
Gavin –A prostitute in Miltinoth who raised Ayalah after the death of her parents.
Mathais – King of Miltinoth.
Swynn – A wizard living in the forest north of Miltinoth.
Tazarah – Queen of Miltinoth, sister to the king of Olekoth.
Tazar – King of Olekoth.
Theidan – Captain of one of Olekoth’s war ships; befriends Ayalah and Greyson in Olekoth.
Erikson – Bolladian wanderer/explorer; befriends Ayalah and Greyson in Olekoth.
Red – The Naralian guard assigned to follow Greyson around Naraloth.
Monty – A Naralian noble who befriends Ayalah.
Princes Shanka, Preslon, Nestor, Ayer, Roran – Princes of Naraloth.
Prince Komma – High Prince of Naraloth.
Princess Rinnah (Rin) – Princess of Naraloth.
Lumi – Palace servant in Naraloth; Ayalah’s aunt.
Crissa – Ayalah’s mother (deceased).
Sethan – Ayalah’s father (deceased).
Crissa Montesteed – The false name Ayalah adopts while a slave in Hodaroth.
Jagdar – The old man who buys Ayalah as his slave in Hodaroth.
Zada – Jagdar’s granddaughter.
Punjick – A wealthy young Hodarian man.
Davin – King of Bolladoth.
Maera – Queen of Bolladoth.
Lady Westerly – A member of the Bolladian Court of Lords and Ladies.
Lord Mason – A member of the Bolladian Court of Lords and Ladies; High Chief of the Bolladian military.
Lady Parker – A noblewoman in Bolladoth.
Lady Erikson – A noblewoman in Bolladoth.
Healer Woodbridge – A Naralian healer.
Healer Oxfall – A Naralian healer under the command of Healer Woodbridge.
Chief Husk – One of the Naralian military’s chiefs.
Ford – A boy Ayalah meets in a Naralian healer’s tent; assistant/squire to Chief Husk.
Hunter, Stinkeye, the White twins, Fry, Peak, and Underbelly – Naralian warriors under Chief Husk’s command.
Green – Naralian warrior Ayalah and Rinnah meet in one of the Naralian camps.
Senior Chiefs Cross and Tomson – Two of the Naralian military’s senior chiefs.
Chief Bitters – One of the chiefs of the Naralian military.
Senior Commander Cob – A senior commander in the Naralian military.
Senior Chief Irons – A senior chief of the Miltinian military; Ayalah’s former swordsmaster.
Senior Healer Scribs – A Naralian senior healer.
Silk and Ford – Naralian healers under the command of Senior Healer Scribs.
Warren and Forster – Wounded warriors Ayalah meets in a healer’s tent.

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