Please allow me to gush

In case you haven’t taken a look at it yet, the cover of the Part One ebook is absolutely stunning (click to enlarge):

Incredible artist Katrina Lee (see more of Kat’s work here) has already contributed about a dozen chapters’ worth of art to The Wizard’s Prophecy, and she’s done so with an upbeat attitude, never missing a deadline or hesitating to ask questions to ensure her art meets my approval and conveys the correct emotion or action in a given chapter.

It made it a pretty easy choice for me, then, to decide I wanted her to draw the cover art. But even with this project she went above and beyond what I’d expected or even hoped for, coming up with sketches for subsequent covers, adding the title and subtitle text, and playing around with fonts (using such helpful guidelines from me as, “Um, I don’t know, maybe something with a serif? Maybe?”) until we had the incredible finished product, seen here.

If ever you’re in the market for a cover illustration, I can’t recommend Kat enough. (Except, can you wait until she’s done drawing for me? I’d like to keep her all to myself for now.)

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