Call for artists!

I’m looking for more artists to collaborate with me on The Wizard’s Prophecy. If you’d like to have your artwork featured alongside my story, please read on. (If you aren’t an artist but have artsy friends or know of a good forum for me to post this, please help me spread the word!)

As you can see from looking around the site, The Wizard’s Prophecy is a fantasy novel about Ayalah, the female protagonist, and her quest to find the pieces of an ancient prophecy. Think swordfighting and intrigue and maybe some magic mixed in–it is fantasy, after all. There’s ample opportunity to draw both men and women, as well as scenery and supporting characters and such.

Each chapter will have 1-3 illustrations (these are meant to be sketches, not polished, finished products–this drastically reduces the amount of time artists need to spend on each drawing) alongside the text. The illustrations will be up permanently, as will credit to the artists on the Artists page, which will link to each artist’s website/deviantART gallery/etc. I expect the story to run for 1-3 years, so that’s quite some time that your name would be listed on my site (with a permanent link that you can put on a resume, tell your friends about, etc.). I cannot pay you (I wish I could), so the credit, bragging rights, and my fervent adoration of your art are all I can offer you — as well as the chance to be a part of the story as it develops!

If you’re interested, shoot me an email ( with some sample drawings or a link to a gallery of your artwork. I’m only looking for serious, budding artists who are willing to work to a firm deadline and produce quality work. I hope to hear from you!


JB Starre


Update: For even more information, take a look at the art contributor guidelines.

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