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Thanks for your patience while I finished editing, commissioning art, and getting everything ready to continue posting, everyone. The Wizard’s Prophecy will be coming back to an internet browser near you starting Wednesday May 1, 2013.  No more breaks! Promise.


The Wizard’s Prophecy will be taking a brief hiatus. New chapters will resume posting sometime in the next few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Bonus posts triggered!!

Exciting news! Donations have reached $25, which means that for the next two weeks, there will be TWO chapters posted each week! So next week and the week after, I will be posting chapters on Monday and Thursday (instead of the usual Wednesday posts).

And if it’s more chapters you want, we only need another $20 in donations to trigger another two weeks of extra chapters! (So get donating!)

Please allow me to gush

In case you haven’t taken a look at it yet, the cover of the Part One ebook is absolutely stunning (click to enlarge):

Incredible artist Katrina Lee (see more of Kat’s work here) has already contributed about a dozen chapters’ worth of art to The Wizard’s Prophecy, and she’s done so with an upbeat attitude, never missing a deadline or hesitating to ask questions to ensure her art meets my approval and conveys the correct emotion or action in a given chapter.

It made it a pretty easy choice for me, then, to decide I wanted her to draw the […Read more…]

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